Entry Automation

For Secure Entry and Parking

Gate Automation

Now gate control in your finger tip.

Swing Gate

Swing gates are gates that open and close automatically with the help of electronic, hydraulic or mechanical devices called swing gate operators

Telescopic Gate

Telescopic sliding gate system is the perfect solution for extra wide opening areas & where in there is very less or no run-back for single side sliding arrangement to install the conventional sliding gates.They are manufactured in two, three or more gate panels and therefore reduce the required back run/parking space.

Roller Gate

Roller Gate is another version of Swing gate where it uses a Roller machine instead of the hydraulic section.

Folding Gate

Folding Gate is a subpart of Swing gate where one of the gate will be controlling by the hydraulic and the attached gate will act as a folding one.

Sliding Gate

If you have a Parking section with not enough space for a Swing gate,you can go for a Sliding gate which takes a small part of the parking section.


  • Remote control based gate automation.
  • Suitable for swing and sliding gates.
  • Intelligent object detection.
  • Alerts on unauthorized entry.
  • Battery backup during power failure.
  • Automatic overload protection.
  • Electromechanical lock.
  • Switch to operate gate from inside the house.
  • Manual release from inside and outside of the gate.
  • Customizable to client needs.
  • Keypad for opening and closing.
  • Flash light indication during operation.
  • Advanced power saving features.
  • Easy installation.

Barriers For high security purposes and stop vehicles from unauthorized entrance

  • Boom barriers may be operated with remote control, push button or an RFID card.
  • Security at the entry as well as exit points.
  • Reliable electro-mechanical drive.
  • Robust power transmission.
  • Damping into open and closed position.
  • Complete unit ready for connection.

We Provide

  • Gate Automation
  • Bollards
  • Boom Barriers
  • Flap Barriers
  • Wing Barriers
  • No Parking Barriers
  • Tyre Killers
  • Speed Breakers
  • and Many More...