About Us

M-Squared Security & Automation, an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm, has been successfully delivering flexible services and support systems utilizing genuine expertise coupled with an excellent track record of over 10 years in the industry. Our next generation technology ensures that our products and services are of world-class quality. While we are always willing to use the experience of the past, we successfully combine it with the needs of the present to give an unrivaled level of service to our customers, ensuring we always deliver satisfaction and value for money.



Ideas & Development

Our mission is to enhance the business growth of our customers with creative ideas and development to deliver market-defining high-quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantages for our clients around the world. We will achieve this by focusing on the intersection of our clients’ emerging needs and the acceleration of business and technological change. Our commitment to innovation keeps us focused on the future and ready at every level to service change.

Customer satisfaction

For us, customer satisfaction is our top concern. We always try to improve the quality of our products and services by exploring innovative ideas. Our specialty lies in helping organizations to manage their business effectively, in a way that supports their overall goals and strategic priorities.


Nothing is more important for any enterprise than to find and exploit new market opportunities. M Squared has laid great emphasis on improving its global operating model by reducing excess management layers, clarifying lines of accountability and improving the global team’s integration and focus. Our new technical leadership team has brought fresh thinking and significant experience in leading transformations, and is steadily improving accountability and responsiveness to customer needs.

Our Market Strategy

  • Identifying and characterizing major market participants.
  • Sizing and forecasting market demand.
  • Profiling existing competitors.
  • Testing product/service concepts and pricing sensitivity.
  • Assessing brand awareness and strength.
  • Identifying potential partners.